Bucky Box



What we do

Bucky Box™ is building cloud software for an emerging food system, one that solves the food distribution problem in ways that foster earth-friendly farming and resilience.

Read our blog for the Bucky Box story

Our mission

“A human food system that is supportive of the long term health of all living systems”

This is not a hollow statement, Bucky Box has been incorporated as a social enterprise allocating a minimum of 67% of our profits towards this mission. You can read more at our .org website.

Our strategy

Our first step is increasing the success rate of local food schemes by building labour saving software. We think this will stimulate a healthy market for local produce and bring back the small scale local farms we used to have. This will set the scene for step 2, which we’ll announce when we get a little closer.


retrieved from: http://www.buckybox.com/about

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